About Us

History of Clean & Sober


Clean & Sober began as a program of Loaves & Fishes, one of Sacramento’s principal providers of services to the homeless Our organization’s mission was born out of the recognition that substance addiction is one of the root causes of homelessness. In response to this recognition and increased deaths from alcohol poisoning and drug overdoses, a Loaves & Fishes’ employee, Manny Dias, began working with addicts and alcoholics. From a small office space located at Loaves & Fishes, Mr. Dias earned the trust and respect of those he worked with, finding safe places for them to begin their recovery. He convinced friends and family to let people stay on their couches until they were physically well enough to get back on their feet.


As word spread and demand for help increased, Mr. Dias made arrangements with the owners of an apartment complex that exchanged low rents for maintenance and management of the property. This arrangement resulted in the creation of New Start, Clean & Sober’s residential recovery community. By providing a referral and support service program to the homeless of the greater Sacramento region, our organization was able to get people on the path to recovery. Then as now, no other recovery program existed specifically to serve the homeless individuals who had veered far away from mainstream society, especially the dually diagnosed men and women battling both addiction and mental illness.


In 1999, Clean & Sober became independent of Loaves & Fishes and registered as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our organization expanded its referral services and residential recovery programs for those who no longer had the option of other treatment programs due to lack of income, mental health needs, hygiene issues, or various other higher needs of service. In the years since our founding, Clean & Sober has gained extensive experience in this field. Our history and experience has allowed our organization to develop a successful strategy for fulfilling its mission of offering a path to recovery from drug and alcohol addiction to homeless men and women through a long-term residential program, transitional housing, and a community of support. In the last six years, the organization has grown significantly. Clean & Sober has purchased two residential complexes (New Start I and II) and entered a long-term rental relationship to provide stable transitional housing. Clean & Sober remains a close partner with Sacramento’s premiere homeless services organization, Loaves and Fishes. Mr. Dias, Clean & Sober’s founder, remains as the Program Director.